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Room 306, Sunday night
Mira wasn't really a techie, at least outside of new and improved ways to blow things up or how to slice into security systems so she could use somebody's cameras to tell her where they were and how many guards they had. Outside of that, she bought a datapad, she used it for whatever she needed it for, she updated things when it prompted her, she didn't question it.

So she couldn't explain it when the clock on her datapad kept jumping back an hour every time she changed the time back to the proper time, the time she had known since she'd been in Fandom. Okay, it was weird that every other clock she saw besides her alarm clock this morning agreed with the datapad, but her alarm clock didn't just speed up for one hour or something, did it? That somehow made less sense than a strange bug in the system.

The basic point here was that this planet's insistence on changing what time it was on an arbitrary date was bizarre and confusing to people from other planets and that's why she was on hold with tech support to another freaking galaxy. The hold music was driving her crazy enough that she finally opened the door and started watching out for anyone in the hallway who liked like they might have any knowledge of electronics. She'd accept earbuds, having a phone, or being alive as an excuse to grab somebody to help her out with this minor point that was making her lose her mind.

[OOC: Open door, very open post, in the sense that if you even walk by, Mira will basically jump you and drag you inside. For technology purposes.]


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