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Mira notapredator
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OOC: A relatively early Infopost, by Nick
(PB: Neve Campbell)

Much like Atton, Mira is a snarky, leather-clad future Jedi Sentinel who will one day be an ally of the Jedi Exile, Meetra Surik, from the video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. That is roughly all they have in common.

Some basic information:

*Mira is a teenaged bounty hunter based on Nar Shaddaa in the years following the Mandalorian Wars. The Jedi Civil War has pretty much just started up, but it doesn't really touch Nar Shaddaa and she doesn't care a ton about it. She's roughly a year behind Atton in the general timeline.

*She has been TWICE ORPHANED. First when the Mandalorians took her home planet, leading to her being integrated into Mandalorian society. Second when Revan crushed the Mandalorian forces at the end of the Mandalorian War. She's on Nar Shaddaa as a refugee and has turned that to her advantage.

*She's a walking paradox. She was raised as a Mandalorian with expertise in making, handling, and using demolitions (grenades, mines, bombs… btw, if she likes you and doesn't think you'll use them to hurt anyone, she might make you a grenade if you ask nicely!) and has become a promising bounty hunter. BUT she's kind of a territorial loner and avoids killing whenever possible. Being a paradox, it makes sense that her primary rival is a Wookiee who owes her a life debt and intends to get out of it by murdering her horribly someday.

*Speaking of the Wookiee, Hanharr, that's why Mira's in Fandom. A local Nar Shaddaa crime boss thinks she's too valuable to let a crazed Wookiee kill her too soon, so he convinces (pays) her to take off for a while.

*The most important thing to know about Mira is that if the opportunity presents itself, she will absolutely give you to the principal, school security, or the sheriff if there's money to be made from it. And, actually, she might bring you in and then try to convince them to give her money for you. What I'm saying is, if you have library late fees, don't let her talk to anyone at the library.

*Oh, the other important thing about Mira is that she dresses kinda skanky. She plays into the Distracted by Sexy trope and she even flat out states this in one of my favorite dialogues in the game. That said, she's one of the very few TSL characters who explicitly has no interest in either possible gender of the Exile, which again: WALKING PARADOX. Anyway, red hair, lots of makeup, tiny shirts, lots of leather.

*The third most important thing, I suppose, is that Mira has some latent Force sensitivity that makes her a great tracker and probably enhances her physical skills a little. But she is COMPLETELY IGNORANT that there's anything strange about any of this and will not have her sensitivity revealed to her for another seven years, so that will not be a part of her time in Fandom at all.

*The PB is Neve Campbell from Wild Things, which has finally contributed something to society besides the threesome scene. Sorry, ANTM chick who looks exactly like Mira if she had two expressions and only super light makeup; you did not cut it.
Jessica Drew, Agent of SHIELD, Spider-Woman
(PB: Zoey Deutch)

*After going through the UTTER HELL that is the first 18 issues of the latest volume of Ultimate Comics The Ultimates (a title that never stops being hilarious to me), Jessica is finally in a quiet place where she has no canon to catch up to for about 14 months. She's on the bench for the Ultimates, she's not an active SHIELD agent, and her main directive when in New York will be to mentor Miles Morales, the new Spider-Man.

*That said, she's an accomplished superhero and now WAR hero.

*She is also still a clone of the original Spider-Man, the late Peter Parker, created by the also late Doctor "Octopus" Otto Octavius, created while he worked for the Roxxon Brain Trust. The Brain Trust will probably loosely pop into my plans here and there, but not for a while since they're playing a huge role in Miles's book at the moment and I don't want to Joss myself.

*Jessica is technically THRICE ORPHANED thanks to having Peter's past up to a point.

*Her identity is secret. Sia knows all about the super-heroing and SHIELD and the Spider-Woman name. Cade knows that she does some degree of hero stuff and I believe that it's military work (I'm too tired to double check). People who know a Jessica Drew (who looks and acts NOTHING like this one, for the record) in Marvel 616 are free to draw associations. And she's been open about her recent experience as a fugitive from federal justice. Otherwise, nobody knows or can prove anything. People may have suspicions, but Jessica will not confirm them. Not yet, at least.

*PB is Zoey Deutch, who has really seen an upswing in her career since I cast her and I take complete credit.

(Recent, Linked Info: Batman)


*I'm tired.

*Good night.
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