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Room 306, Sunday night
Mira was starting to pack up. After getting some information about the past few months in Fandom, her sponsor decided that she was safer on Nar Shaddaa, where the worst she would have to deal with were organized crime, assassins, her bounties, and a crazed Wookiee stalker who was obsessed with her slow and methodical death.

She may have disagreed about the word 'safer,' but at least it would let her get back to work.

The only real issue was that she didn't have much in the way of clothes and most of her possessions were in the weapons locker. So, um, packing was done for now! That was fast.

[OOC: I may have time to do an official send off tomorrow. But otherwise, this is likely Mira's final post in game. Door and post are open!]

Mordin was largely absorbed in reading news from home on his omni-tool as he walked into their room and towards his own bed, but it was hard to not notice that Mira's side of the room was partially packed. "Will be losing you soon?"

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"Yep. Taking off tomorrow," Mira said. "The guy paying for me to be here decided we'd rather have me in a less insane place."

"Not entirely sure what you've told me is home is even marginally less insane. But see their point." Mordin flicked off his omni-tool. "Will be sad to see you go. Hope safer elsewhere."

"I wouldn't say safer. But it's a more steady kind of unsafe," Mira said. "You know, no creepy mistletoe or anything."

Mordin shook his head in sympathetic bewilderment. "Plants invested in the courting rituals of a non-mutualistic species. Not science. Not science at all." He gestured at her things. "Need help? Must agree. Better to stay where the laws of nature are predictably followed."

Atton ducked his head into the room... mainly because he was bored. "Huh," he said.

Expressive, Atton.

"Taking a run for it?"

"The guy paying my way told me to come back, so I'm going back," Mira noted.

"To Nar Shaddaa?"


"Eesh," Atton said.


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